Introduction to Chinese Herbal Nutrition

The Chinese have long known that the herbs can be utilized to provide good health and make people live a good life. The knowledge of herbs was complied around 2000 years ago in the Huang-Ti NeiChing (The yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine). Even now, this book and its knowledge resonate with significance in both Eastern, and increasingly Western medical circles. Indeed, the most famous statement from the books, says, "Eliminate the disease when it has yet to show marked symptoms". This is the basis on which Chinese medicine is founded.

All Chinese nutrition and medicine are based on 2 concerns:

  1. The body is comprised of series of systems that inextricably linked. If any system is facing an imbalance, it affects the others too.
  2. The key to good health and well-being is balancing these systems.

As a result, our body is usually physically out of balance. When being treated by doctors, we often do not seek the root of the problem.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based around ensuring the flow of Qi, Blood, Body fluid and nutrients via the body to these key organs. Any obstruction leads to illness and at this point, herbal medicines are prescribed to clear the blockage and restore the systems to balance.

Certainly, much is made by taking the correct steps to take to avoid imbalance in the first place. And this is where the Tiens four steps to wellbeing will improve your life by helping to keep your body in balance and free of the toxins and waste products that so readily build up in our systems due to the rigors of modern life.

The Four steps to well-being

In developing the optimum approach to achieve and maintain health and well-being, Tiens has adoped a proven formula, used in China for the past 5000 years. We call this "the Four Steps to Wellbeing".

CleansingStep 1 - Cleansing

Before you can start to create balance, you must rid the body of the built up wastes and toxins that are an inevitable part of modern living.


RegulatingStep 2 - Regulating

This step involves replacing the toxins with the natural resources your body has been missing.


3ReplenishingStep 3 - Replenishing

To ensure the maximum resilience and maximize the effects of steps one and two, it is important to strengthen the body's immune system.


BalancingStep 4 - Preventing

The final step in the path to well-being brings your body systems back into balance. This approach to health is the best way to fight the rigors and challenges presented by the modern world.

Apparently, some of us are not as kind to our bodies as we ought to be. It is unavoidable that the very important air that we breathe and the food that we eat will reintroduce undesirable toxins into our bodies over time. It is therefore recommended that all customers retake the FOUR STEPS on a periodic basis.

Tiens products are the finest in the market, many times more concentrated than the original herb or plant. Moreover, those who use them will definitely reap the rewards. There are many testimonials from around the world of how Tiens products have produced a significant difference in the lives of those who have followed this Four Steps System.

Do not merely take our words for it, however, become a product of the product yourself!





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