Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus


Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus


Product Code: E23 


TIENS being the most innovative health care company combines the unique essence of the modern technologies with the ancient therapy and created the unique Technology term as BioElectro Synergy, of which we incorporated in Tiens Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus.

The 1st Health Care Products that incorporated multi-functional use, not just for basic health but also for aesthetic medicine usage.

The only few products that incorporated the advance unique laser therapy with Bioelectro-synergy combining vibration energy to improve and reactivating dormant bodily cellular functions.


Tiens Multifunctional Apparatus uses a low-intensity laser (650 nm wavelength and 5 mW power) for a wide range of health benefits.

Skin Rejuvenation

Natural radiance and detox for brighter skin! Tiens multifunctional Apparatus is safe, effective and all-natural approach to achieving that flawless skin you’ve always wanted without the downtime, side effects, risks or cost of other procedures.

Tiens multifunctional Apparatus is a gentle, non-ablative procedure for skin improvement. It stimulates the skin to grow significant amounts of new collagen. The results have been proven scientifically.

The way Tiens Multifunctional Apparatus works is a complex physiological action. Cell communication begins in response to the stimulation of the fine micro-points being rolled over the skin. Skin integrity stays completely intact while the Apparatus stimulates a cascade of growth factors and in response new cells of collagen and elastin form. Ultimately, the skin responds with cell regeneration, formation of new collagen and new capillaries. The result is skin repair that plumps, thickens and fills from the inside out. It is the most natural and effective treatment being offered to date.

The detox property of bioelectro-synergy help to make the skin look brighter and more radiant. Result: clear skin that glows with vitality. Ideal for women especially 25+ who are in the middle of the “rush years”. Suitable for all skin types.

This brilliantly simple medical device is the treatment of choice all around the world due to its superior results. Want to know the real secret to healthy skin rejuvenation? It’s Tiens Multifunctional Apparatus – For Beautiful Skin.

Improves your skin by:
  • Reducing acne
  • Thickening fragile skin
  • Firming lines & Wrinkles
  • Smoothing texture
  • Reducing large pores
  • Brightening skin surface
  • Natural collagen lasts for years
  • Safe for all skin shades & types
  • Thicken & firms the skin
  • Natural collagen lasts for years
  • Safe for all skin shades & types
  • Thicken & firms the skin
  • Choice treatment for scars


Other Therapeutic Fuctions throughout the body


  • Balance blood pressure
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease
  • Stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss and baldness
  • Relieve brain fatigue, easing headache and enhancing memory
Applicable body parts
  • Face
  • Head
  • Back
  • Arm
  • Back of thigh
People who are not recommended to use the apparatus:

People with electronic medical implant such as heart pacemaker, pregnant women, patients with mental disease or renal failure, and those who are allergic to product are not recommended to use the apparatus.