Tiens Cleanser



Tiens Underclothes Cleanser

This all new condensed underclothes cleanser is formulated by the advanced technology. It has superb anti-bacteria function and amazing stain remove power. Its mild characteristics cares for your clothes, makes your white clothes sparkling white and your colour clothes sparkling colourful. Your clothes will be non-static after washing, for a softer and fresher touch. It is am environment caring product.


Tiens Clothes Soft & Smooth Cleanser

This all new soft and smooth 2 in 1 washing detergent added multiple natural surfactant ingredients, natural decomposition enzymes and caring softer and colour protector, make sure your clothes are softer, fresher and never out of shape from every wash. It does not contain phosphate and artificial colours. Suitable for all types of washing machines, hand wash or pre-washing procedures. Its unique long lasting fragrance will give you an enjoyable washing experience.