Blood Circulation Massager


Product Code: E02


Main Benefits:

S-2000 Luxurious Blood Circulative Massager has feet massage function. The small size massage pad and high frequency spiral vibrating method make it easy and efficient to use.

Points of attention:

The Blood Circulation Massager is not suitable for people under the following conditions unless instructed by a doctor:

A.      All types of bleeding disease including haematemesis, cerebral hemorrhage, gastric bleeding, uterine bleeding etc.

B.      Women during menstrual period and in pregnancy

C.      Phthisis active period

D.      Patients in unstable period of acute myocardial infarction, or suffering from rheumatic heart disease, fleshy heart disease, congenital hear disease and aoristic.

E.       Patients suffering from serious disease of heart, liver, lung, renal failure or others.

F.       Surgical patients (eg. Aneurysm, phlebitis, untreated fracture, unreasoned tumor etc)

G.     Acute toxicosis and infection

H.      Patients suffering from chronic disease should not stop taking medicines during exercise period.