Fat Sport Expert


Product Code: E09

Product Code: E12


Main benefits:

Using strong permanent magnets and 8 vibrating modes, the Weight Reducing Belt stimulates the desired body part and helps to increase the muscle tone and weight reduction, disassembling the fat layer into exiguous mote and finally discharging them from the body with sweat and body fluid, which makes people enjoy the magnetic therapy and the massage of fat crusher, makes the skin silky and bouncy as before.

Who is Tiens Micro-Computer Controlled Weight Reducing Belt suitable for?

Everyone who would like to reduce their weight however forbid pregnant woman and infant to use it, severe disease patients and special patients must consult the physician before using it.


1) Use the product according to the usage regulation;

2) Forbid using it in wet or flammable area; put it in dry area which breeze ventilates.

3) Don't use it with empty abdomen or within one hour after dinner;

4) Clean its surface only with wet cloth or sponge, don't wash it with water;

6) The consecutive using time can't exceed 40 minutes;

7) Switch the mainframe power supply off after using it and cancel main power supply in order to ensure the safety and avoid damage;

8) Don't dismantle and repair it by oneself.