Soap Series





Soap Series

Tiens soaps are made with the traditional Chinese medicines and natural vegetable compositions, depending on the type of function that the soap is used for. Each of the soaps in this series contains its own unique substance with specific functions. It is therefore very different from the everyday soap that you would usually use when taking a bath.

Sunscreensoap_200X200Tiens Sun Screen Soap

This soap is made of traditional Chinese herb and imported high grade soap flakes. It has the function of absorbing the ultraviolet ray from the sunshine. It is the necessity for the people who are always travelling, working in the sun or swimming in summer. It can also prevent skin allergy and improve skin state of rough, dark and withered, gives you overall care in the sun.

Main Ingredients: Imported soap flakes, radix astragali extract, honey, Talc

Direction: Daily use for normal wash. Better result will be achieved if wash with massage.


Whitensoap_200X200Tiens Whitening Toilet Soap

Its main ingredient contains pearl powder with ginseng extract, honey and licorice. It cleans the skin while giving the skin a white apprearence. It assists in reducing wrinkles and brown spots, preventing the visible signs of skin aging and nourishes the skin.


DeodorantSoap_200X200Tiens Deodorant Toilet Soap

Its main ingredient consists of Borneol anticorrosion and Bacteriostasis. It prevents the occurrence of body odours of underarm, feet and intimate parts.


Toxinsoap_200X200Tiens Toxin-Expelling Toilet Soap

Its main ingredient contains extract of root sessile and camphor, filled with moisturizing components. It helps to reduce the itching of insect bites and to improve blood circulation.


Mosquitosoap_200X200Tiens Mosquito-Preventing & Skin Care Soap

Its main ingredient consists of Citronella and root of sessile stemona. It repels mosquitoes and other insects.


BreastcareSoapBreast Care Toilet Soap

According to female physiological feature, this soap is formulated scientifically. It is natural and with marked plimming breast effect.

Main Ingredient: Imported soap flakes, Placenta extracts, natural extracts etc.

Direction: Only for female. The effect will be very quick and outstanding if use twice a day. Before sleep, you can also massage the soap on a warm towel directly on your breasts, wash afterwards for excellent effect.


BodyslimmingsoapBody-Slimming Toilet Soap

This soap is formulated on the basis of medical theory and Chinese medicine research. It has many functions such as slimming the body, correcting the shape of fat on face and beautifying neck, removing wrinkles, minimizing skin pores, making your skin smooth and full of elasticity.

Main Ingredients: Imported natural soap flakes, glycerine, lotus leaf extract

Direction: use as for normal shower or bath. Better result will be achieved if wash with massage and sauna.

Special Tips: use this soap with Breast-care Toilet Soap can shape your body shape more effectively.