Product Code: E20


Main Benefits:

Tiens Aculife is developed based on the practice of acupuncture and the meridian theory in Chinese traditional culture, as well as the disease prevention technique. The unique hand point detection function of the Tiens aculife enables users to know their own health status at any time and prevent possible diseases. It stimulates points on the hands through the ultra-long electromagnetic waves, promotes microcirculation of the human body and accelerates metabolism so as to achieve the healthcare effects.

Product Function:

  • Detects Acupoint location: Assists you to locate the right positions of acupoints easily
  • Promotes Blood Circulation: The magnetic waves stimulate acupoints to promote blood circulation in order to achieve the same result as the traditional acupuncture.
  • Magnetism Effect: Magnetic waves magnetize body fluids and increase the body's immunity against disease.
  • Healthcare: Enhances immunity effectively to prevent illness or diseases.

Strictly Forbidden to Use if you are:

1.       Pace-maker user

2.       Pregnant

3.       Children under three

4.       Patient with Malignant Tumors

5.       Patient with Hemorrhagic Tendencies

6.       Patient with Tuberculosis

7.       Chronic Alcoholics